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The Workshop began on July 1st and registration is now closed.

Our next WRITE YOUR FIRST ADVENTURE course will be in November!

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Create, write, produce, and publish a one-shot adventure — in just one month!

Do you aspire to write adventures for your favorite tabletop roleplaying game systems, but don't know where to start? This is the workshop and community for you!

The Basics

  • What is the schedule?

    July 1 - July 31, 2020

  • How is the course structured?

    The course lessons are all hosted here on our e-learning platform. Each lesson is a written lesson that comes with a downloadable worksheet.

  • I live in [x] time zone. How does that affect my participation?

    The lessons unlock over the course of four weeks. You can log in when you're able to and complete the lesson. Work entirely on your own schedule/time zone! None of the lessons require participation at a specific time or date.

  • Is the Workshop focused on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition content?

    The lessons in the workshop are not specific to D&D, so you are welcome to write for the ruleset of your choice! Some of the resources may be tailored to 5E modules but are easily adapted to any tabletop RPG.

  • I've taken the Workshop before. Can I take it again?

    The answer is ALWAYS yes. We're delighted when folks return for another Workshop! This Workshop's curriculum is 80% new and 20% updated.

Choose from One of Three Paths to Guide Your Writing Journey


The free path is perfect for those who aren't quite ready to take the leap into adventure writing. You'll get access to downloadable templates, helpful pep talk emails written by industry pros, and access to our Discord channel.

Premium Path - General

The premium path comes with a full curriculum of lessons that walk you through each step of the adventure creation process. This option is great for creators who want to write for game systems other than D&D 5e and publish to platforms like DriveThruRPG or 

Premium Path - DMs Guild Edition

Sponsored by Dungeon Masters Guild

Interested in publishing your own Dungeons & Dragons creations? Dungeon Masters Guild is the only marketplace where you can publish licensed fifth edition D&D titles using intellectual property from Wizards of the Coast. Create adventures, player options, rules supplements, and more using the Forgotten Realms, Eberron, Ravenloft, Ravnica, and other settings, monsters, and legendary heroes and villains of D&D lore. 

By enrolling in the Dungeon Masters Guild track of RPG Writer Workshop, you gain exclusive first access to four brand new original maps designed by Marco Bernardini of MA4PS.

The MA4PS circular logo is followed by four circles showing bits of colorful maps: lakeside, lava pit, marketplace, and a glowing tower.

Paths at a Glance


Free Path

Paid Path

DMs Guild Path

Access to the Discord chatroom

Free worksheets and downloads
Pep talk emails from industry professionals

Access to all lessons included in Workshop

Access to specialty maps by Marco Bernardini

Inclusion in DMs Guild bundles

In the spirit of the Workshop, which aims to bring new voices to the tabletop roleplaying industry, we will be donating 10% of our summer proceeds to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and have set up a recurring donation and subscription to FIYAH Magazine, to support justice and creativity. We invite you to match us!

What You'll Learn

  • Developing a Writing Process

    How to make writing an important part of your life with tools that work for you.

  • Outlining and Mindmapping

    How to organize your narrative and mindmap the potential threads of your story.

  • Writing Compelling Stories

    How to write an engaging narrative, including how to create villains, NPCs, and settings.

  • Editing and Revising

    How to edit and revise your work, receive feedback, and implement changes.

  • Playtesting

    How to playtest your module, gather feedback, and make data-driven improvements.

  • Designing and Formatting

    How to design interiors and covers, and prepare your adventure for publishing.

Lesson Schedule

Planning and Organizing: July 1-7

This is when you'll assemble your tools, brainstorm, and outline your adventure. 

  • Getting Organized: July 1
    Instructor: Ashley Warren
  • Creating Your Living Document: July 2
    Instructor: Ashley Warren
  • Designing for Accessibility: July 3
    Instructors: Tyler Palermo and Yubi
  • Brainstorming and Ideating: July 4
    Instructor: JVC Parry
  • Adventure Synopses and Hooks: July 5
    Instructor: Jeff Ellis
  • Outlining and Mindmapping: July 6
    Instructor: Alicia Furness 
  • How to Go From Outline to Draft: July 7
    Instructor: Alison Huang

Crafting a Narrative: July 8-16

This is when you'll spend time actually writing the bulk of your module. The lessons in this section are focused on different aspects of narrative design. 

  • Creating an NPC Quest-Giver: July 9
    Instructor: Jessica Marcrum
  • Designing Narrative Obstacles and Challenges: July 10
    Instructor: Beatriz T. Dias
  • Villains and BBEGs: July 11
    Instructor: Nicholas Johnson
  • Biomes and Environments: July 12
    Instructor: Steve Fidler 
  • Incorporating Maps: July 13
    Instructor: Anthony Joyce
  • Five Senses Guide to Creating Atmosphere: July 14
    Instructor: Ashley Warren
  • The Three Pillars: July 15
    Instructor: Bianca Bickford 
  • Worldbuilding Exercise: July 16
    Instructor: Jacky Leung

Playtesting and Design: July 17-22

This is when we'll cover the basics of playtesting and design. 

  • Primer to Playtesting: July 17
    Instructor: David Morris
  • Cover Design Best Practices: July 19
    Instructor: Nimgyu
  • Conveying Mood through Design: July 20
    Instructor: Nimgyu

Editing, Marketing, and Publishing: July 23-31 

This is when you'll playtest and prepare to launch! By July 31, you should plan to release your one-shot into the world. 

  • Editing and Proofreading: July 23
    Instructor: Christopher Walz
  • Marketing 101: July 28
    Instructor: Ashley Warren
  • Being a Good Community Creator: July 29
    Instructors: Anthony Joyce, Justice Arman, Jessica Marcrum
  • Pre-Publishing Checklist: July 30
    Instructor: Christopher Walz
  • Publishing Day and Course Wrap-Up: July 31

PLUS: Pep talks written by Makenzie De Armas, Celeste Conowitch, James Introcaso, and more!

Bonus Resources

  • 24/7 Chat

    Join the Discord channel to share ideas, receive feedback, and brainstorm with fellow writers.

  • Advice from the Pros

    Get advice, inspiration, tips, and tricks from some of the industry's most prolific creators.

  • Downloadables

    Download outlines, guides, and questionnaires to aid in your writing and playtesting.

Our Generous Sponsors

Thank you to everyone who supports the Workshop!

Bundles from Previous Workshops

Testimonials from Past Participants

“The ttRPG workshop ... provided a writing process that was easy to use and incorporated very helpful tools to assist with everything from the design portion to the play testing. ... I'd highly encourage anyone interested in writing an adventure to participate in a future workshop!”


July 2018 Participant

“It was an amazing experience to see a published author's method and work through my own project at the same time. Great directions and incredibly inspiring and helpful.”

Jerrod Bacon, "Pyronide"

July 2018 Participant

“The workshop was excellent —informative and supportive with lots of helpful comments, critiques and collaboration from Ashley and all the participants. ... The lessons were relevant and timely, and seemed to flow well with where people were in their writing process. ”


July 2018 Participant

“Definitely worth it. Ashley Warren has created something really fantastic & I am so glad I took part in the summer workshop.”

Jason (Jay) Miscia

July 2019 Participant

“Fabulous lessons and A+ community”


July 2019 Participant

“I participated in the Workshop this summer and it was life changing! Not only did I gain valuable information and experiences, but I made friends and now feel much more a part of the #TTRPG community. 500/10 would recommend!”

Blinne Emersyn

July 2019 Participant

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