Registration is closed for the Summer 2019 Workshop! The workshop returns this November. Follow us @RPGWriterWrkshp for updates and new course announcements!

 Join an active community of amazing creators and take your RPG from ideation to publication — in just 4 weeks!

The Basics

  • What is the schedule?

    July 1 — July 31, 2019

  • What can I expect from the workshop?

    You'll get to participate in lessons designed by experts in the tabletop RPG industry, and receive access to a chatroom and downloadable resources.

  • Is the workshop only for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition?

    The lessons in the workshop are not specific to D&D, so you are welcome to write for the ruleset of your choice! Some of the resources will be tailored to 5E modules but are easily adapted to any tabletop RPG.

  • I live in [X] time zone. Does this make a difference?

    Not at all! The lessons unlock over the course of the month. You can log in when you're able to and complete the lesson. Work entirely on your own schedule/time zone!

  • What are the differences between the Free and Premium paths?

    The Premium path includes all lesson content, downloads, and resources. The Free path includes downloads, pep talk emails from industry pros, and access to the Discord channel.

What Each Path Entails


Free Path

Paid Path

Access to the Discord chatroom
Free worksheets and downloadables
Pep talk emails from industry professionals
Access to all lessons, designed by experts (outlined below)

Pick Your Path

Registration closes on June 30th

What You'll Learn

  • Developing a Writing Process

    How to make writing an important part of your life; discover a plethora of writing tools and resources.

  • Outlining and Mindmapping

    How to organize your narrative and mindmap the potential threads of your story.

  • Writing Compelling Characters and Narrative

    How to write an engaging narrative for GMs and players alike — including how to create villains, NPCs, and settings.

  • Editing and Revising

    How to edit and revise your work, receive feedback, and implement changes.

  • Playtesting

    How to playtest your module, gather feedback, and make data-driven improvements.

  • Designing and Formatting

    How to prepare your module for publishing — including designing maps to accompany your story.

Bonus Resources

  • 24/7 Chat

    Join the Discord channel to share ideas, receive feedback, and brainstorm with fellow writers.

  • Advice from the Pros

    Get advice, inspiration, tips, and tricks from some of the industry's most prolific creators.

  • Downloadables

    Download outlines, guides, and questionnaires to aid in your writing and playtesting.

Published Work by Past Participants

Testimonials from Past Participants

“The ttRPG workshop ... provided a writing process that was easy to use and incorporated very helpful tools to assist with everything from the design portion to the play testing. ... I'd highly encourage anyone interested in writing an adventure to participate in a future workshop!”


July 2018 Participant

“It was an amazing experience to see a published author's method and work through my own project at the same time. Great directions and incredibly inspiring and helpful.”

Jerrod Bacon, "Pyronide"

July 2018 Participant

“The workshop was excellent —informative and supportive with lots of helpful comments, critiques and collaboration from Ashley and all the participants. ... The lessons were relevant and timely, and seemed to flow well with where people were in their writing process. ”


July 2018 Participant

About the Workshop

I'm Ashley Warren, the "Chief Warlock" of the RPG Writer Workshop. I started the workshop to help aspiring writers create their first adventures! Wading through mountains of advice and resources can be daunting, so I recruited some talented and prolific creators to help break down the process into manageable pieces. Behind every great writer is a team supporting them, and I hope this workshop becomes that for you!

As for me, I'm a former college English teacher, researcher, and literacy academic. Now I work full-time in the RPG industry as a writer, narrative designer, and communications specialist for publishers including Wizards of the Coast, Onyx Path Publishing, and Kobold Press. I can't wait to get to know you!

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