Learn how to plan, write, and market an original campaign setting built on the 5E ruleset! This course covers the basics about creating a setting primer.

Create a 20-30 page PDF for your homebrew world for publication under the Open Gaming License using the 5E Systems Reference Document. At the end of this mini-course you’ll be ready to share your setting with the world and have a plan for pursuing a more ambitious book! 

What You'll Learn

  • How to determine the themes and narrative of your campaign setting

  • How to use the Open Gaming License for your setting

  • How to outline, write, and design your document


  • How much is the course?

    The course is $29 and includes the course content as well as additional instructor help and mentorship.

  • Does this course have to be taken at a specific time?

    Nope! Unlike our main workshop, this course can be taken at any time. Work on your own schedule! This course is available year-round.

  • How is this course structured?

    The course is comprised of five lessons that unlock every three days after you first register.

  • Will I get help as I work through the course?

    This course includes hands-on help from instructor Mike Myler. Each lesson has a discussion board where you can share progress and questions to receive guidance.

About the Instructor

Mike Myler is an award-winning game designer and editor of the EN5ider Patreon. He has in excess of 150 credits that include N.O.W. at EN Publishing, the opportunity to work on the Warhammer 40k RPG from Fantasy Flight games, and contributions to books from Paizo Publishing as well as scores of smaller publishers. Most importantly here are his campaign settings (https://mikemyler.com/campaign-settings/), all of which have been funded through Kickstarters.

Mike Myler


Start building your campaign setting!