Learn how to promote your work (WITHOUT shame!) and build an audience around who you are as a creator.

The goals of this course are to:

  • demystify marketing
  • make it feel less icky and more authentic to those who cringe when they hear the word "marketing" (like I used to!)
  • establish your writer identity so you can get the opportunities you want
  • introduce you to tools that are fun and easy to use
  • help you establish a marketing plan

A group of people sit around a table. Color vectors of clocks, money signs, mega phones, coffee cups, and laptops are placed around them.

In this course, you'll:

  • Learn the basics of marketing

  • Establish your writer identity

  • Design your personal branding including a tagline, logo, homepage

  • Develop a marketing schedule and strategy that works for YOU

  • & much more!

Worksheets & Templates Included in this Course

  • Your Writer Identity

    Refine and identify who you are as a writer and create a unique tagline.

  • Custom Marketing Plan

    Map out a marketing plan from start to finish, tailoring the plan to your skills and interests.

  • Sample Launch Plan Checklist

    Follow a pre-made launch plan to set goals and release your next ttRPG project.

  • Basic Budgeting: Profit & Loss

    Set and stick to a reasonable budget for your ttRPG product or marketing efforts.

  • Usability Interview & Survey

    Test and measure your marketing with a basic interview and survey.

  • Sample One-Pager Media Kit

    Put together a one-pager to send to prospective publishers and media outlets.


  • How much is the course?

    The course is $19 and includes the course content as well as additional instructor help and mentorship.

  • Does this course have to be taken at a specific time?

    Nope! Unlike our main workshop, this course can be taken at any time. Work on your own schedule! This course is available year-round.

  • How is this course structured?

    The course is comprised of four lessons that unlock every four days after you first register. Activities, handouts, and discussions are also part of this course.

  • Do I have to take the Write Your First Adventure course to take this one?

    Nope! All of our courses are standalone courses and have no prerequisites.

About the Instructor

I'm Ashley Warren — a former college English teacher, journalist, magazine editor, and literacy research academic. At present, I'm a full time marketing content strategist and a bestselling RPG designer for Dungeon Masters Guild and a member of Wizard of the Coast's Guild Adept creator program. I've worked with major publishers and platforms in the industry including Wizards of the Coast, Onyx Path Publishing, Kobold Press, D&D Beyond, Astral TableTop, and Hit Point Press. Oh, and I also founded the RPG Writer Workshop! My weird background in writing, editing, teaching, and usability research has provided me with a strange but useful approach to writing RPGs. I know what it's like to be daunted by the writing process, and I'm here to help. I've worked with hundreds of writers all over the world and I can't wait to work with you!

Ashley Warren, M.A.