Learn how to create treasure and rewards that excite, entice, challenge, and inspire Game Masters and their players! This course covers the fundamentals of designing, placing, and building anticipation for rewards in a dungeon crawling adventure.

Part of the Dungeon Design Essentials series, this course combines the instructor's experience writing bestselling dungeon adventures with time-tested design principles used by game creators. At the end of this course, you'll have a framework for adding memorable, flavorful rewards to your dungeon worthy of the players' bravery and luck.

Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1. Role of Treasure in Dungeon Design

  • Lesson 2. Reward Types: Sustenance, Facility, Access, and Glory

  • Lesson 3. Using Rewards to Present Hard Choices

  • Lesson 4. Intangible Rewards

  • Lesson 5. Monsters and Traps as Rewards

  • Lesson 6. Reward Spaces: Vaults, Vistas, Stages, and Retreats

  • Lesson 7. Communicating the Presence of Rewards

  • Lesson 8. Reward Schedules: Fixed, Variable, and Fixed-Variable

About the Instructor

Sersa Victory is an ENnie-nominated designer of bestselling dark fantasy deathtrap dungeons for tabletop roleplaying games. His recent work includes Tomb of Mercy, Necropolis of the Mailed Fist, Testament of Malice, and contributions to Creature Codex. In 2012, Chris Perkins and the Dungeons & Dragons community voted him apprentice of Acererak, the undead architect of the infamous Tomb of Horrors.

Sersa Victory